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Free Dummy Image Placeholder Generator tool!

If you are a web developer or a graphic designer, you might at some point need to add placeholder images to your designs or mockups. Placeholder images are temporary images used to fill a space until a more appropriate image can be added. They are also useful for testing website layouts, as well as for generating sample content. One tool that can help you generate free placeholder images quickly and easily is 88-tool

88-tools.com is a website that provides a variety of free tools for web developers and designers. One of those tools is a dummy image generator that can create custom placeholder images with specific dimensions and colors.

To use the dummy image generator on 88-tools.com, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to 88-tools.com and hover over the "Image Tools" menu. Click on "Dummy Image Generator."
Step 2: Enter the dimensions you want for your placeholder image. You can customize the width and height to match the size of the space you are filling. You can also choose to make the image square by checking the "square image" box.
Step 3: Choose a background color for your image. You can select a color from the color wheel, enter a hex code, or copy and paste a pre-selected color.
Step 4: Choose a text color for your image. This will be the color of the text that appears on your placeholder image. You can choose a white or black text color, depending on the background color you selected.
Step 5: Enter the text you want to appear on your placeholder image. You can enter any text you want, but it is common to use something like "Lorem Ipsum" or "Placeholder Image" to indicate that the image is just a temporary placeholder.
Step 6: Click the "Generate Image" button to create your placeholder image. You can right-click on the image and select "Save Image As" to save it to your computer.

That's it! With 88-tools.com's dummy image generator, you can create custom placeholder images quickly and easily, saving you time and effort as you develop your websites and designs. 

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