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About the Blacklist Lookup tool!

Blacklist Lookup Checker is a free tool to see if any IP address or an email server IP is blacklisted or not with over fifty plus DNS-based blacklists (DNSBLs). It helps to identify your website or any website blacklisted in public DNS.

How to blacklist check an IP address or a domain?

 To check whether your IP address or Domain is blacklisted, use this free blacklist lookup checker - simply key in your IP address or domain name and this blacklist lookup tool will verify the given address across the popular 25+ blacklist databases and let you know if your domain or site is blacklisted or not.


How to fix a blacklisted IP/Domain/Email?

Check and figure out the services / blacklist provide that have blacklisted your site. Create a request to delist your site. The procedure may vary from one service to another and hence follow the steps accordingly.

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